Thursday, April 19, 2007

Special Event: MayDay 2007

May 1: Solidarity with All Immigrant, Migrant and Undocumented Workers (Vancouver)


Immigrant rights are worker's rights: Justice for All!

Gather at 6pm at Clark Park @ Commercial Drive and 14th Avenue
(close to Broadway Skytrain)
March to Grandview Park for gathering @ 7:30 pm

==> Family-friendly march
==> There will be food, water and snacks during the demo.
==> Rest vehicles will accompany the march.

With imperialist globalization, workers in Canada are facing undeniable
attacks. Hard-won wages, benefits and social services are now being
cruelly eroded as Canada joins other imperialist countries in forcing
increased labour flexibility in the name of ‘free trade’ and the
neo-liberal agenda. Even workers’ solidarity is being criminalized and the
right for workers to unionize or to fight for their legitimate rights is
under attack.

Even more vulnerable and attacked are Canada’s immigrant, migrant, and
undocumented workers whose numbers in Canada are increasing and whose
exploitation is intensifying. Canada has always used migrant and immigrant
labour to fill its relentless demand for cheap labour, but now, under the
deepening crisis of imperialism and its never-ending pursuit for private
profit, there is a renewed push in the country to bring in a greater
number of cheaper, mobile, and flexible migrant labour. This push towards
cheaper more mobile migrant labour is clearly evident in the Canadian
state’s thrust to expand the country’s Temporary Foreign Workers Program.

This May Day, we will also be joining migrants, refugees and their allies
across Canada who will again demonstrate against the deportation and
detention of migrants and refugees, for a full, inclusive, unconditional
and ongoing regularization program, and for full rights and dignity for
immigrant communities against racism, poverty, and criminalization. Our
march on May Day coincides with marches in the US as we collectively
assert that immigrant rights are workers rights.

Hundreds of thousands of people live without status, without sufficient
access to health care or education, and in great fear of being detained or
deported, all the while being the most exploited in the workplace. For
decades immigrants have been scapegoated, and now since 9/11, the false
link between immigrants and terrorism has developed. Thousands of
migrants, especially immigrant women, are forced to live in poverty; while
thousands of temporary workers perform hard and dangerous labour, yet are
denied their basic rights.

Join us this May Day, as we join with workers around the world in
celebrating the militant tradition of May 1 as a day to oppose the
exploitation and oppression of workers. We are coming together as workers
in our various communities to expose the harsh impact of neo-liberalism
upon Canadian workers. We also are continuing the courageous struggle of
immigrants and migrants in North America for their full rights anddignity.

* Expose and oppose the heightened attacks on workers, migrant, immigrant
and undocumented workers in Canada!
* Solidarity with migrant, immigrant and undocumented workers in Canada! *
Workers Unite for Economic Human Rights: Reclaim the Militant Tradition of
May One!
* Build Genuine International Solidarity Against Imperialist Globalization!

For more information, contact us at: or call 778-885-0040 or call 604-215-1905

Organized by:
- STATUS COALITION, a coalition of community-based organizations in the
Vancouver area belonging to movements and struggles of the people of the
Global South (Asia, Africa, Central and South America, Middle East, the
Caribbean region) and the struggles of such migrant communities in Canada.

- MAY DAY 2007 ORGANIZING COMMITTEE, was initiated by International League
of Peoples' Struggles (ILPS) participating organizations in Vancouver in
2006. It is made up of democratic and progressive individuals and
organizations coming together to organize educational and political
activities in the spirit of international workers' and people solidarity
for May Day 2007.

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