Friday, June 01, 2007

Special Event: Puppet Showcase at In The House Festival

In the House Festival takes place over 2 days & features a bunch of different performances happening in big ol' heritage homes around Commercial Drive. The cool thing about it is because it's in people's homes, there's an intimacy between performers and audience that you may not find elsewhere.

check it out,
here's the schedule & info for In the House:

the puppet showcase will be 4 different puppet troupes:

Mind of a Snail (us with a new shadowplay! )
Sticky Fingers
Flexible theatre
Carnival Sized Cinnamon Hearts

it starts at 7pm sharp, June 2nd
1170 Semlin Drive-
there's limited seating, so get tickets early ($10)
and arrive early!

here's some details about these performers:

Mind of a Snail Puppet Co.:
"The spiral house of the snail is small enough to be carried on its back and yet capable of exponential growth. With its lubricated foot, the snail easily and deliberately traverses any terrain." ~D. Holmgren

Mind of a Snail Puppet Co. is a Compost-Modernist art duo that creates permacultured participatory experiences in the moment. Since 2003, Jessica Gabriel and Chloe Ziner have been offering multidisciplinary performances and workshops to various groups throughout British Columbia. Together they have diverse educational backgrounds in clowning, maskwork, music, performance art, fine art and permaculture. They are at home on the Sunshine Coast; and are currently exploring a unique style of shadow puppetry, using an overhead projector and a variety of recycled materials.

"Compost-Modernism is the era in which we re-use all our junk in a more sustainable way."
~Alejandra Liora Adler
Flexible Theatre:
Diana Jeffries has been involved in performance theatre for the past 15 years, beginning as an actor in Vancouver, BC. She studied drama at the Actors Studio in Montreal, script writing at the University of London, and puppetry at the London School of Puppetry in London England. Diana set up Flexible Theatre after her return from London England in 2004 and has produced several puppet plays since. All the puppets and masks at Flexible Theatre are created and made by Diana at her Puppet workshop in Vancouver. Although puppet theatre does not play a prominent role in the cultural life of Vancouver, Diana hopes to create contemporary and folk puppet theatre so as to enhance the cultural, political and social landscape of our community.
Sticky Fingers:
Sticky Fingers was created to bring new works of puppetry to Vancouver audiences. Enlisting diverse members from the performing and visual arts, the group began working together in 2005. Combining movement, theatre, sculpture and puppetry, Sticky Fingers began to shape its premiere production about a bathtub, a man without an imagination, and a magical journey. Down the Drain premiered at the Vancouver Fringe Festival in September 2006 to glowing reviews from young and old alike. Critics called it “charming,” “irreverent” and “wickedly inventive.”

Carnival-Sized Cinnamon Hearts:
Carnival Sized Cinnamon Hearts has been exuberantly producing, directing and performing puppet shows for appreciative Vancouver audiences since 1999. The puppet shows include; puppets paintings, videos and textiles and have been performed & exhibited both locally and internationally. The musical accompaniment of a group of professional musicians makes the shows a complete entertainment package.


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