Monday, June 18, 2007

Terminal City Rollergirls Take On Security At Fearless Fest

Andi Struction (Andrea Fraser), Machine Gun Sally (Sonia Nielsen), Candy Scrapple (Tonee Venittelli) and league president Micki Mercury (Michelle Lamouroux – pictured below) of the Terminal City Rollergirls don the Fearless Fest brand in preparation for the July 1st festivities. Photos: Manuel Avila

Vancouver, BC

In a bold move, the Fearless Festival - held on East Hastings St., in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside - asks members of the Terminal City Rollergirls to head up Security for the Canada Day event.

“The organizers of the festival were adamant that Security not be dealt with in a heavy-handed or militaristic kind of way,” coordinator for the event, Steve Duncan said.

“While they recognise personal safety and security are important issues, particularly in that neighbourhood, they saw no need to deal with it in a way that would be intimidating to the people who make the area their home. When one committee member suggested an all-girl security team, the first thing that popped into my head was ‘Who are more fearless than the Rollergirls?”

“I think having them on board sends out a really good message to the community …and to other people who might be considering volunteering but may be concerned about safety, too.”

“I was glad that they could fit us into their busy schedule,” Duncan said. The East Vancouver flat-track derby league has lots of events underway, including their own benefit on July 4th at the Marine Club, to help send the members of the league to a bout in Edmonton.

When concerns were voiced that the Rollergirls might not be trained to deal with the numerous possible problems that could present themselves, Duncan agreed.

“That’s why we are bringing in experts from Carnegie Community Centre for several years and who know what to expect. They’ll be speaking at the volunteer orientations, and answering any questions people might come up with. Besides, we’re not asking anyone to do the police’s job. They’ll be close at hand - if we need them.”

For more information about the Terminal City Rollergirls, check out their website at

About the Fearless Festival

On July 1st Pigeon park and Hastings Street from Carrall to Columbia is party central - celebrating the creativity, talent and history of the Downtown Eastside with music, story, art and dance featuring performances from City Opera, Dalannah Gail Bowen, Carnegie’s Rockin’ Guys, Pocos Locos - and so much more.

For more info call 604-788-8340, email or check out the festival blog,

If you are interested in helping out and being fearless like the Rollergirls, come to one of our Volunteer orientations at Carnegie Centre either on Tuesday, June 19th at 7pm or Saturday, June 23 at noon, or email Barb Fairbrother at .

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