Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Jesters, Jugglers, and Jousters

Come celebrate a wonderful 4 course banquet in the presence of royalty. Get knighted, get your fortune read, watch some Medieval jousting and sword play, listen and dance to Toot-a-Lute, laugh at/with some court jesters, and finish off the evening with a magical fire show. Come in costume if you wish (not mandatory but always fun!)

There are only a few seats left for the banquet so make sure you register quickly! If you don’t want to eat but you want to just watch the show, you can do that too! Reservations are recommended as well.

Date: Saturday, May 5th, 2007

Time: Doors for dinner at 5:30 pm

Dinner at 6:00 pm

Door for the show at 6:45 pm

Show at 7:00 pm

Address: 1163 E. 12th Ave.

Tickets: Dinner + show - $35.00

Show only: $15.00 adults

$10.00 members + kids

Tickets available on-line at

Or you can reserve by calling 604-874-9325 or emailing

*** Dinner tickets MUST be paid for in advance.


King Edmund and Queen Catherine will grace us with their presence during dinner. As they are sure that all who attend this revelry have done good deeds they have agreed to knight all who wish it. Come prepared with one good deed that you have done and take home a keepsake of your knighting. Remember. Both women and men can be knighted. They are equal opportunity Royalty. Characters are provided by the BC Renaissance Festival (

Toot-a-Lute will get your toes tapping as men in lace and frock coats, women in all-out Renaissance and Regency dresses, sing, dance, and play like there’s no tomorrow. They come bearing a slinky black saxophone, a button accordion, a fiddle, two clarinets, a mini tuba, a mandolin, tin whistles, and a bewildering variety of drums and percussion instruments. Two matched dance leaders will lead you through easy-to-learn dances from another time and another world. Their repertoire includes old-world music from every corner of the globe, folk dance tunes that gets toes tapping and people hopping, romantic waltzes, cheery polkas, Irish country songs, simple yet graceful medieval court dances you can learn to do in two minutes, as well as some hauntingly lovely original melodies. ( )

Jesters: Jesting services for the evening will be provided by Chris Ross and Jack Garton, founding members of the PlayMore theatre Co. Since being formed in 2006 to produce the bombastically entertaining "Church of Pointless Consumerism", PlayMore has been religiously committed to buffoonery, spanking and physical fitness; performing when you least expect it. Jack performs regularly with Maria in the Shower, a jazz/film/body-art ensemble, and the Vancouver Fool's Society (The Mad Tea Party, Fool's Day Parade). Chris has been pioneering in the realms of interactive and all-ages theatre, producing plays with children and promoting moustache-wearing as an act of real world theatre among young men and women.

Academie Duello: Devon Boorman has been playing with swords since he was a small child. His formal education in swordplay began with the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), an organization devoted to the study and recreation of medieval and renaissance arts. Devon recently trained actors on the television series Smallville and served as a historical combat consultant for the Discovery Channel. A highly accomplished martial artist, Devon has won more than 30 European martial arts competitions, and worked on both stage and screen as a stunt person and choreographer.

Randy Packer also discovered Renaissance swordplay through the SCA. He was instantly hooked, having been a fan of the Three Musketeers since childhood. He is a devoted daily practitioner of the arts of the rapier, longsword, backsword, Italian grappling, and Renaissance European philosophy. Randy has been an avid martial artist since 1980, studying European martial arts as well as most of the major Asian styles. Randy is active in the European martial arts research community, and plays a leading role in bringing these arts back to life. (

Lesley Phillips is the gypsy fortune teller of the evening. Did You Have a Past Life in Medieval Times? Find out by booking a past life reading with Lesley Phillips. She will look at relevant past lives, including sex, location and lifestyle, plus she will provide information on major life lessons that are pertinent to understanding your current life circumstances. The readings will last for 15 minutes and the cost per reading is $20. You must pre-register for this part of the evening. Slots will fill in fast, so make sure you get the time-slot you want. The first reading begins at 6 pm and go in 15 minute increments. Email to reserve a slot. If there are any slots still available on the day of the show, we may be able to accommodate you then, but there’s no guarantee of that.

Ariel Amara: Ariel has been exploring various forms of art and performance for over 5 years. She has been dancing since she could walk, and has dabbled in many different movement arts throughout her life. Ariel has found her passion in practicing hoop dance, object manipulation, and intimate interaction with the elements. Inspired by life in a creative community she continues to cultivate her skills and body awareness.

For more info on the performers, please go to

Feel free to send this out to your friends, colleagues, family, people you think may be interested in this very exciting evening. Post it here there and everywhere!

Myriam Steinberg

Artistic Director

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