Sunday, December 09, 2007

News: 2010 ON THE DRIVE? Britannia ice rink a possibility

Olympic hockey may be coming to The Drive.

VANOC wants to use Britannia Ice Rink, near Commercial Drive, as a practice venue during the 2010 Winter Olympics.

The Olympic-approved, NHL-size ice surface is closer to the False Creek athletes' village than the University of B.C. Winter Sports Centre. The proposal needs approval from Britannia's board of directors and city council.

"We see this as a potential opportunity to have some investment in the facility by VANOC," said city hall's Olympic operations manager Dave Rudberg. "From our perspective we don't see any cost."

Tammie Tupechka, co-publisher of the Torch anti-Olympics 'zine, fears heavy security will disrupt community centre regulars and the neighbourhood.

"This development makes a lot of us in the community fundamentally upset that there would even be a consideration that apparatus would be attached to what is an interesting community centre," said Tupechka, co-ordinator of a 7 p.m. Sunday public meeting at Britannia Centre's learning resources centre.

"There is no indication that the centre will be closed," said Britannia executive director Enzo Guerriro. "The ice rink is a stand-alone building on site and it can be secured because of that."

Earlier this year, VANOC scrapped plans to use the Agrodome and will instead hold figure skating practices at Killarney. Trout Lake will host short-track speedskating workouts. Both rinks are costing a combined $32.4 million, which is almost $8 million over budget.

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At 12:20 AM, Anonymous Lauren Gill said...

80% of the people that live in the drive area are not in support of the 2010 games, the gentrification and displacement that the games will be bringing to Vancouver will directly effect the members of this community. Britannia should set an example by saying no to VANOC and "truely" respecting and representing the community and members of that community centre.

The Executive diector of Britannia worked for VANOC for 2 years and has been involved in the negotiations between the two, this is a HUGE conflict of interest!! And the board of directors is doing nothing about this!!!

Go to the BOD meeting @ Britannia on May 14th @ 6:00pm!!! And let your voice be heard!

I understand that the rink could use some fixing up, and i'm in FULL support of the rink having a girls changeroom being built. But i am not support of it being done on the Backs of the poor, the 2010 games are not benifiting the single mothers, and working poor. They are benifiting the RICH.

The drive a safe zone during 2010 please don't take that away from us!

At 6:05 PM, Anonymous Born on the Drive said...

80% huh?

Do you mean 80% of your friends who are all fighting the olympics as an ideology rather than taking a pragmatic approach to anyway in which the actual community might benefit?

if we're talking about the single issue friends you hang out with, I figured it would be 100%, right on cue with the fact that 100% of the people you know probably don't use the rink in the first place.

I am anti-Olympics as well, but I'm not a little child whose going to continue to pout about something I can no longer change, especially in the face of certain positive outcomes.

Case-in-point: how exactly does $500,000 in funding for an underbudget community center "only benefit the rich"?


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