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Music: Jesse Waldman February Artist-In-Residence @ Lime

Multi-talented Jesse Waldman is the artist residence for February at lime (formerly known as rime). What this means is he'll be performing there every Sunday in the many different projects I’m involved in. You can expect many fantastic delights including high-end sushi, drinky drinks, screaming girls, track lighting and of course, great music. Below is a detailed schedule of what's happening…

Sun Feb 3

lisa o’neill
lisa o’ neill acoustic guitar, vocals, jesse waldman - electric guitar and nick stecz – drums

Lisa O'Neill is a singer-songwriter from Vancouver, her music is an eclectic blend of Dreamy folk resulting in a style that is uniquely her own. It has been described as melodic, lyrical and deeply moving. Lisa's powerful lyrics radiate from deep within her soul and her inspired song-writing is filled with passion and grace.

monica lee band
monica lee – vocals, viola, acoustic guitar, marc l’esperance – drums, vocals and jesse waldman – electric guitar, vocals

Easy to listen to, hard to ignore, this prairie girl run away to the west coast will warm your heart, sooth the tired mind and get you out of your chair. The band's live sets are energetic, inspiring and intimate full of lush piano, soulful vocals, and warm viola, tight drumming and soaring guitars. Monica's voice is stirring, reminiscent of Carly Simon and Carole King, delivering a mixture of folk, blues and roots with gypsy overtones. Monica Lee is joined by the multi-talented Marc L'Espérance on drums and backup vocals, and the virtuosic guitar hero Jesse Waldman

Sun Feb 10

jesse waldman – acoustic guitar, Kenton loewen – drums, percussion, rup sidhu - didjeridoo, percussion, flute, pete shmitt – bass

Yes ladies and gentlemen, the legendary supna are returning to the stage for the 1st time in years. Supna is an instrumental group that incorporates many musical genres including middle eastern, flamenco, metal and funk and free improv.

Josh Martinez and the pissed-off wild
Josh Martinez – rapping, Kenton loewen – drums, pete shmitt – bass, jesse waldman – electric guitar

The Pissed Off Wild started as a beer, went around like reefer, and ended up passed out in the backyard under the picnic table with a empty quart of whiskey clutched in its hands and a huge smile on its face. All punk rock attitude, black humor and a rhythm section that just won't quit, these boys make The Supremes look like a bunch of chicks. Mixing 50's doowop, 60's drugs, 70's rock, 80's punk and 90's party rap with a post-Y2K love of the good times, The P.O.W. have established themselves as fusion phenoms wherever they play.

Sun Feb 17

electric kids
jesse waldman – acoustic/electric guitar, vocals, marc l’esperance – drums vocals,chris bizzochi – piano, keys, paul Surjadinata – bass, vocals

Jesse is a unique singer/songwriter who seems puts a touch of magic in his songs. This new project: electric kids has all you’ve come to expect from waldman: crafty, memorable songs, contagious melodies, sweet vocal harmonies, thumping rhythms and of course, wild guitars. These are mostly new songs people! This art-rock experience is sure to have you mesmerized and inspired.

jess hill
jess hill – acoustic guitar, vocals, jesse waldman – electric guitar

Like the intuition implied by synchronized movement, Jess Hill's music reminds you of something you thought you'd forgotten. Anchored in the tendencies of folk, blues and jazz, Jess tells stories: cyclones and downpours, hovering birds, white skies. In the dim light of midnight living rooms and in the hearts of singing shadows, Jess Hill is building something beautiful.

Beth southwell
Beth southwell – acoustic guitar, vocals, jesse waldman – electric guitar, wayne adams - drums

Beth Southwell is a singer songwriter that has travelled the world. She writes songs from her experiences of life and living. Her melodic, memorable songs speak of truths and relate easily to others. Beth has performed in a variety of projects, toured the UK, Taiwan, and the West Coast, recorded three Albums, and is currently working on another solo project.

Sun Feb 24

Fearless melodies
khari - vocals, fraze ford - vocals, mark beatty - bass, melissa mcCready – acoustic guitar, jesse waldman – electric guitar and john raham – drums
brand new R&B project featuring khari’s tunes…

phatty phatty and the roaches
blair duthie – vocals, percussion, jesse waldman – electric guitar, vocals, kirk layman – drums, brian dragseth – guitar, vocals, andy cakes – trombone, vocals, mike donnely –bass, brian davies – trumpet, jeff Birmingham – keys

Bouncing along a BC highway without a care, sparks off the guardrail, rides the phatmobile. Bringing extra-terrestrial reggae songs of bingo, girls and palaces in the sky, phatty phatty is a true westcoast gem. Not only are these guys seasoned players and connoisseurs of the finer things in life, but they’re also psychedelic super heroes who may just save the world one day.

Lime is located @ 1130 Commercial Drive (near napier)
(604) 215-1130

Cover charge will range from $7-10 depending on the night

Thanks y’all and I hope to see you there!!

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