Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Community Profile: Michael McLaughlin, VanCity BoD Candidate

Born in Saint John New Brunswick, Michael McLaughlin moved to Vancouver in the early 70’s and has been a member of Vancity at Branch 11 for almost 30 years.

Currently, he works for BC Hydro in the Engineering, Aboriginal Relations and Generation business unit. He has also worked extensively in the non-profit sector as a theatre producer, director, and consultant.

He has served in leadership roles in various communities. These include postings as Executive Director of the Vancouver Fringe Festival, Artistic Producer of TheatreOne in Nanaimo and Artistic Director of Magnus Theatre in Thunder Bay. In 2006, he undertook a contract in England as Coordinator for the CIAO! Festival (Children’s International Arts Organization). He has implemented strategies for these organizations to widen company mandates, address local needs, and deepen the influence these non-profits exert, all the while creating community confidence and ownership.

As a consultant, Michael worked with a number of arts organizations including the Vancouver Playhouse, Rumble Productions and Presentation House Theatre.

His community involvement includes serving as co-chair of the Making a Scene Conference for the Professional Theatre Community of BC, as member of the Advisory Committee for the Journalism Program at Malaspina University-College and Vice President of the Board of Directors of Touchstone Theatre.

McLaughin says his cultural and business accomplishments have always been underpinned by the pursuit of community development – of building livable, sustainable communities. Pursuing these goals through service on the Vancity Board would allow him to employ his skills, talents and ethos to the fullest.

Here is his policy statement:

I have always admired the values Vancity promotes and its ability to balance sound financials with social activism. I am standing for the Board of Directors to turn that admiration into constructive action.

I am certainly interested in furthering the credit union’s bedrock priorities: to improve financial performance and market share, enhance social and environmental responsibility endeavours, and further Vancity’s position as a great place to work and increase membership.

Having led a non-profit arts organization whose enterprise venture has been supported by Vancity, I know how enterprise endeavours can support community development goals. I also understand the need to develop long-term financial stability and self-reliance across the sector. As a Board member, I will promote growth in Vancity’s leadership role in social enterprise and in partnerships across all segments of the non-profit sector.

Hand in hand with non-profit development goes the need for services that meet the aspirations of small businesses and entrepreneurs. To that end, I will advocate for business start-up and development policies and services that enhance Vancity’s already substantial influence in the small business community.

In closing, my priorities for Vancity are to:

  • Improve financial performance and market shares
  • Enhance social and environmental responsibility endeavours
  • Further Vancity’s position as a great place to work
  • Work for increased Vancity membership
  • Promote Vancity’s contribution to non-profit enterprise
  • Advocate for small business development
  • Support the arts

For more information or to assist in my campaign, please contact me at

Thanks for the opportunity to walk the talk.

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At 7:40 PM, Blogger Steve Hynes said...

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At 7:40 PM, Blogger Steve Hynes said...

Michael is certainly qualified for the Vancity board. He is a true communitarian and lives by a moral code of conduct of the highest caliber. You have my vote, Michael!

Steve Hynes

At 9:11 PM, Blogger Heather McCarthy said...

Michael McLaughlin would be an outstanding addition to the Board of Vancity. His excellent track record of community development and passion for whatever he takes on would be of great benefit to our city.

Michael has my full support!

Heather McCarthy


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