Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Special Event: Life's Basics - Fundraiser 2009

Commercial Drive & Friends Care

“Life’s Basics”- a fundraiser bringing awareness to essential basic needs of all people. Our focus is mainly surrounding water, and the need for clean, pure drinking water for everyone, but especially those living in under-developed nations.


Everyone has a right to basic needs of water, food and shelter/protection. Unfortunately, there are so many people on this planet who do not have access to these rights. Queen Victoria Annex Elementary has been raising money to fund water-well building in Africa. Currently, they have almost raised enough to build a well in Tanzania. This well will allow children to attend schools, instead of spending their days collecting unclean and unhealthy drinking water for their families. Water collecting is usually a female job, therefore causing girls to miss or be late for school. A well will give everyone access to a basic right that they have been unable to have in the past.

Life’s Basics will help raise enough money to fund the completion and maintenance of this well in Tanzania. It will also help raise awareness for other issues such as everyone’s right to naturally grown foods free of GMOs and other harmful chemicals, as well as fairly-traded goods, shelter and protection and issues regarding sustainability.


Anyone can be involved. Our goal is to unite businesses and members of the community from The Drive, Greater Vancouver as well as globally to come together and support this important cause. Not only will this be a successful fundraiser, but also an opportunity for businesses and people in the community to connect.


February 8, 2009. This is purposely scheduled close to Valentine’s Day to bring awareness to the harm that the holiday does to the planet. Flowers are covered in pesticides and soils for food are depleted with the fertilizers. Non fair-trade chocolates support cash crops, which are a large contributor to the feast and famine crisis that this planet has endured. Trees for bleached cards that are then covered with ink. We want to encourage ethical consumerism that is fair to all involved.


On Commercial Drive at 4 venues – the Grandview Legion, A Small World, WaaZuBee, and The Libra Room

However, all the businesses on the drive are invited and can participate as much as they like through promotion of fair trade & sustainable products and a percentage of the sales that day on that product, donated to the water well project. Another suggestion would be a silent auction item donation that is taking place at the 4 main venues participating. A great idea for a business as well, is sponsoring a part of the event and utilizing the exposure as well as tax-deduction advantages.

Venue Information - February 8th 2009

Tickets available for all venues (Pan African Forum is free)

1. Grandview Legion: Noon-3:30 pm (2205 Commercial Dr.) $15 Family/$5 Child/$6 Adult

  • Kid’s Dance & Masquerade
  • Poetry Slam (feat. Scruffmouth, Sonya Littlejohn, Relevant & Taslyim Li)
  • Drumming & Live Music feat. Warless & Chelsea Johnson
  • Raffle
  • Recycled Costumes/Masks encouraged!

2. A Small World: 3pm-6pm (2120 Commercial Drive) Free

  • 2nd Annual Pan African Forum hosted by Black Dot Roots & Culture Collective
  • Silent Auction
  • Raffle

3. WaaZuBee: 7pm-Midnight (1622 Commercial Drive) $8

  • Sustainable Fashion Show
  • DJ
  • Silent Auction
  • Raffle

4. The Libra Room: 7pm-1am (1608 Commercial Drive) $15

  • Live Music feat. Chelsea Johnson, Ghost Brothers, & Pacifika
  • Sustainable Fashion Show
  • Silent Auction
  • Raffle

If you would like to become a sponsor or donor for this event, or to purchase tickets, please contact Jem or Katie at 604-630-2337 or

778-892-4044. Tickets are also available at Vancity

(East 1st Ave. @ Commercial Drive)

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