Friday, March 20, 2009

Special Event: Wax Poetic/Co-op Radio Fundraiser

Nestled mid-week between an alternative health program and a hiphop show, Wax Poetic has been holding its own since the early nineties, bringing some of the best and often most underappreciated spoken word artists from the local and international scenes, to CFRO radio listeners in a half hour “appointment with the muse”!

On Tuesday, April 7th, the poetry staple celebrates 16 years of broadcasting by inviting their guests and listening audience together for a special “real world” hook up on Commercial Drive, the undisputed cradle of spoken word in the lower mainland.

Wax Poetic is the longest running radio program dedicated to the spoken word in Vancouver (and internationally), heard every Wednesday afternoon from 2-2:30 pm on Co Op Radio 102.7 FM with hosts Diane Laloge, SR Duncan and RC Weslowski.

To keep in the spirit of live radio, the broadcasters will also be turning Café Deux Soleils into an on-air studio, recording a 30 minute show in front of a live audience for future broadcast. The “studio” audience is in for quite the treat, as none other than Vancouver’s first poet-laureate George McWhirter takes the hot seat, reading his work and fielding questions from the hosts and the crowd.

This will mark one of the last readings for the poet in his position as laureate. His two-year term ends soon.

Founded in ’93 by poet Diane Laloge and performance poet Justin McGrail, Wax Poetic has been airing almost every week since then.

Engineering and programming duties are shared by the two “rookies” on the team, Steven R. Duncan (9 years) and RC Weslowski (6 years). Weslowski (AKA Randy Jacobs) is a familiar voice on local commercial radio, while Duncan worked on a similar program at Simon Fraser’s CJSF prior to coming on board Wax Poetic.

Other feature performances at the fundraiser will come from veteran artists Tanya Evanson, Susan Cormier, Rowan Lipkovits, Duncan Shields. Laloge will be reading from her recently released book of poems “I Am A War”, and Duncan and Weslowski also be performing.

”The Candyman” - Daniel Mark Patterson is scheduled to take the stage as well.

“We’re thrilled by this line-up,” comments Laloge.

“It’s just like our show – very diverse, thought-provoking and yet just plain fun at the same time. It’s also nice to get out and meet the people who tune in and listen to us from time to time face to face.”

There will also be an open mic, a raffle and a meat draw. Yes a meat draw - just in time for Easter. Actually, co-producer Duncan admits that it’s really a Tofu Turkey Draw.

“Weslowski and I had to compromise on this one. I wanted a full on meat draw for a big chunk of meat, because I think it’s so kitch, and I’d love to win a piece of meat, But he was dead – excuse the pun – set against it, being a vegetarian.

“So I said I’d spring for the tofu turkey and he said he’d bring a rubber chicken.”

The show starts at 7:30pm at Cafe Deux Soleils (2096 Commercial Drive)

. All the money raised on April 7th will go to support Co Op Radio and keep Wax Poetic on the air. Memberships will be available.

You can sign up to attend on their Facebook page:

Or you can get more info by calling 604-788-8340 or emailing

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