Sunday, July 27, 2008


Sorry for the rather stagnant nature of the blog this week. It has been very busy for me as I prep for the 2nd Annual Fearless Fest, coming up on August 24th.
Also, the last month-and-a-half have been trying for me physically, to say the least. Had a great trip to Winnipeg and back (and all parts in-between) with Theatre in the Raw on it's tour of one-acts, but you may not realize that i had a bit of a fall while I was in "the Peg". I tripped while walking along one of that city's notorious ramshackle sidewalks (comparable only to
Spain's El Camino del Rey), and landed on my left arm, pushing my elbow in and up under my rib.

This "lifted" rib was painful the first couple of weeks, but i only had two incidents where i really suffered. The pain for me was much like holding an electric fence - like the kind used for cattle, etc. - through a few jolts, pain that lasted a good three hours. Thank god for the troupe's chanteuse, Michelle A. Richard, and her Ibuprofen!
Aside from a little back pain now and then while bending (the ribs are connected to the spine and a lot of muscle tissue back there), THAT INJURY is mostly forgotten.
My newest escapade, however makes my original fall a pale concern in comparison:
Friday morning i was hurrying to catch a bus and taking out the trash to the curb, when, par for the course, i tripped over a crack in the sidewalk out front of my house and plunged headlong into the path of a street-cleaner trundling along against the curb.
Truthfully I can't remember what actually happened at that point. As i landed, I barely recall looking over and seeing the metal brushes spinning and spitting debris at me.
The next thing i know I'm lying on my side in an oily, smelly, filthy box, disoriented and feeling extremely nauseous. The noise was deafening and the wash of filth sloshed back and forth and ran continually over me. The only light in the box came from the drain that let the water out the back of the sweeper.
I found a woman's shoe and tried banging to get the driver's attention but he couldn't hear me. It wasn't until he stopped for coffee at Blenz on Broadway that he cut the engine and heard me banging.
I'm not sure how long I rode along to tell the truth. The gas fumes were making me sick and dizzy.
The driver and another man who had been waiting for a bus pulled me out and stayed with me until the firemen and cops finally came.
I got a ride to VGH, was checked over and let go. I'm still recouping, but am doing much better. I have to say, I was pretty shaken up. Amazingly, i came out of the whole ordeal with only a scratch on my shin that i probably got from the initial fall. Aside from that, my glasses were scratched a bit.
Thanks to everyone who saw me on the newsclip via the
link on the Commercial Drive blog and who sent me their good wishes and concern. I watch it and still can't believe it happened. No wonder I don't like to take out the garbage.

But I'm back in the saddle and spent yesterday at Summer Dream Literary Festival. My co-host on Wax Poetic, Diane Laloge and I did a mock radio interview with long-time friend and fantastic poet Susan Cormier.

I'm in the process of throwing up some pics and maybe some video of the event on our Wax Poetic blog.

I was very fortunate last Thursday to have an incredible night out on the town starting out at Timbre with Michelle A. Richard's first CD launch. She did an amazing job recreating much of the CD's feel and sound. Her players, Lawrie Koyle on electric and acoustic guitars, drummer and percussionist Richard Brown and acoustic bassist, Russell Sholberg, were right with her and gave the whole performance great depth. My favorite moment had to be Richard's rendition of "River", by Joni Mitchell. I was close to tears. Michelle puts so much heart and feeling into her music, that it is hard not to get choked up sometimes. She is such a powerhouse.

After closing down Timbre, next stop was the Libra Room, one of my favorite haunts on the Drive. We were just in time to see Monica Lee do her last set with new drummer Michael Simpson, a familiar Drive face. The trio sizzled as always, serving up a great mixture of covers like Tom Petty and originals like her awesome, "Down on the Drive". Smokin'!

Notable too was Jesse Waldman, an amazing talent on the guitar.

Blog Update:

I'm happy to report that by the end of this month Commercial Drive - Live! will have had 25,000 visitors. That means over 1000 visitors a month are checking out the blog to see what's happening on the Drive, and about a quarter of you are repeat readers. As a matter of fact, CBC Radio even called me the other day, asking me if I had any info about a story they were considering (that was before my street-cleaner episode). This tells me that people are starting to take notice of the Drive. Are you?

By the way, I'll be live on the Drive on Sunday, at the first Artful Sunday of the season. There is always great music and interesting things to see! More details here. >>>

Thanks again to Charlie Kiers for his generous support which helps keep the blog running and you entertained and informed!

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Monday, July 21, 2008

This Week on Wax Poetic: Michelle A. Richard

Francophone songstress Michelle A. Richard joins us in studio to talk about her new self-titled CD, to be released on July 24th at 7:30-9:30 @ Timbre Restaurant, 2068 Commercial Drive.

We are also happy to have our co-host Diane Laloge back in studio with us after her trip North. Don't miss the show - Wednesday @ 2pm PST on Co-op Radio 102.7fm.

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Friday, July 18, 2008

News: Steven R. Duncan Caught In Street Sweeper

I can hardly believe that it happened to me this morning! I'm doing well. Thanks for all your concern!

Get the full story here >>

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Special Event: Venus Bellydance Yard Sale

Saturday Jul 19 & Sunday Jul 20

11am to 4pm

Venus is moving to Monteal - the stuff's gotta go!


> coin belts
> coin necklaces
> hip scarves
> canes
> goregeous lycra mermaid skirts
> matching gauntlets
> lycra "melodias"
> cute net wrap tops
> used costumes
> Recital DVDs
> tribal coin doodles for sewing on
> more ! (the stuff I can't think of right now - where's my coffee?

See examples:



- household goods, clothes, magazines, fabrics, craft stuff, picture frames, lamps, shoes, etc. etc.

2253 Grant Street
Near 1st & Nanaimo
Vancouver, BC


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Special Event: Artists As Social/Political Activists - Aug. 5

Click on the image for a larger versiion.

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News: Girl Missing

Missing! Have You Seen Elizabeth Tommy ?

Last she was seen was one week ago, possibly at Blenz Coffee shop at Broadway and commercial, Metrotown, skytrain route or New Westminster. She is 14 years of age, 5’3 , dark brown hair Please Call Jeannie @ 778-689-0524 if you seen or heard from her, or if you have any information. Or Call 778-737-4872. Or Contact the Local Police

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Comedy: ZaHa Is Back at Zawa.

ZaHa is back again July 31st!
please call 604-255-0470 to make a reservation and get 50% off the cover!

This is the last ZaHa at Zawa show for the summer (I mean it this time) so you have to come down.

Bring your friends, in fact we have a deal, for every friend you bring you will be that much less lonely at the show, a bargin I know!

ZaHa @ Zawa, 920 Commercial Drive. 9:00PM (Doors at 8:30)

MC Steve Taddei

Mikey Wolfe
Dennis Litonjua
Mike Thomas
Simon King
Alicia Tobin

Darcy Michael

Watch a clip of Darcy

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Wax Poetic: This Week - Clint "Father Goose" Wilson

Our guest on Wednesday at 2pm CFRO 102.7fm is Clint "Father Goose" Wilson. Clint calls himself...
... an otherworldly alien who was left here by the mother ship some 37 years ago. As he took the form of a man-child and learned the ways of the Earthlings he quickly realized that his two fortes were, rhyming and making people laugh. But beware, sometimes he gets tired of making them laugh and then simply goes into shocker mode and makes them, cry, scream, go yoik?, or simply run off towards the horizon with their eyes and ears bleeding, never to be seen again.

When not writing humorous poetry, Father Goose can be found writing sci-fi and fantasy, writing automotive magazine articles, selling used auto parts at his wrecking business in Chilliwack, carving leather art for motorcycle seats, saddlebags and the like (or poetry championship belts), pinstriping and engraving, playing bass or drums in several different combos, or having fun with his three half-breed children... yes, Father Goose mated with an Earth girl and his sensible yet hilarious kids are the crossbred result. Check out the Goose at an open mic event near you!

For more bios, videos and recordings of Wax Poetic, check out the blog at

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Selfcatering Studio Suite Commercial Drive Area

British Columbia Vacation Rentals - From $530/Week

SUMMER IS BOOKED OUT! Available only after Sept 24/08.Luxury Selfcatering Apartment for Relocation, Academic, Business, Executive Vacation travel. Cozy, ground floor studio (Bachelor)apartment in modern house. Private entrance. Clean & quiet
Self-catering Studio Suite - Commercial Drive area Self-catering Studio Suite - Commercial Drive areaSelf-catering Studio Suite - Commercial Drive area

AREA OVERVIEW Close to 2 big parks, Tennis courts, Community Fitness Center, Cycling/walking/running trails. Convenient to Downtown by car or bus at the corner, and to the “alternative life” of the Commercial Drive area,

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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Literary: The Weird Word

The E.V.N.W.L. (The East Van Network of Love) presents:
The Weird Word: Tales and Tunes of Eccentric Genius
Friday, July 11th, 2008 @ Cafe Deux Soleils
9pm $7 at the door
Al Mader: The Minimalist Jug Band
A beautifully dark master of story-song and humour. Al Mader makes me want to slit my wrists laughing!

Francis Mantis
With his deep guitar rhythms and articulated voice, this Ovation playing sex-vibration generator looks like he walked out of an anime cartoon.

RC Weslowski:
" ... butterflies are f *&$ ing on the fingertips of warheads!" "You are Beauty Ba-Bo",
This extraordinary poet and entertainer rejuvantes and provokes the soul. With wild gesticulation, voice modulation, humour, and "human insecure weirdness", he makes me feel like I'm five years old.

C J Leon
Peculiar goth guitar player-poet, CJ Leon will be hosting the event, seasoning the evening with tales from the lives of eccentric geniuses throughout history.

Ladybug (aka Random Adjective, Chloe Libba Smith)
This jazz-trained singer and impresstionist will blow your mind with genre shifts from hip hop to reggae to ragtime in a single piece!

Julie Parrell This intense performer has the ability to sex you up and shake you down. She will be evoking multimedia talents.

With Special Guests:

Matt Hogan and Jane Panic

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Wax Poetic: Warren Fulton

WARREN DEAN FULTON has been performing, publishing, & promoting poetry since the early 90ʼs. He has performed his words as a feature & at open mics in Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Kamloops, Vernon, Kelowna, Penticton, San Francisco, New York, & even New Westminster.
He has published now & then in little lit mags in Canada, the US, & the UK. he has published thru his micro poetry press Pooka Press the likes of GG award winners; George Bowering, Stephanie Bolster, John Pass, Patrick Lane & other such well known poets as, Robert Creeley, Susan Musgrave, Heather Haley, rob mclennan, Kate Braid, bill bissett, Marilyn Bowering, John B. Lee, jwcurry, Amanda Earl, Jeffrey Mackie, Todd Swift, Joe Blades, Shannon Rayne, Faust MacKenzie, the Svelt Ms Spelt, RC Weslowski, & SR Duncan, as well as dozens of others.
In addition to the readings & publishing, Warren has also made short videopoems, & literary (poetry) documentary films/videos, one short on THUNDERING WORD HEARD & the late T.Paul Ste. Marie, which played in The Hawaii International Film Festival in 2002.

Check out some links to this poetry at
and tune in Wednesday at 2pm PST
102.7fm CFRO

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Music: Nelson's Flora Ware Hits The Libra Stage!

This just in from Monica Lee:

Hello summer lovers!

This Thursday ... July 10th ... at the Libra we are hosting a special performance!
Flora Ware is in town from Nelson BC to release her new album "Insight." She is ... so far... a "little-known vocal treasure" and perhaps "one of the rising jazz talents" in BC! What a voice! Flora and I studied Contemporary jazz Vocals together at VCC btw 2000- 2002.
She wowed us then and now with years of gigging in the interior under her belt she is something to be heard!

Working with co-producers Rick Kilburn and Peter Berring, "Insight" will appeal to a wide audience with its groovy mix of standards and original music influenced by Latin jazz, and Soul/R&B. She is joined by the talented Jeff Younger on guitar.

They will be playing from 8-9pm. Come for dinner and enjoy this new talent!

The Monica Lee Band will take the stage at 9:30 doing two sets of our smokin’ repertoire for your pleasure.
If you haven't been down in the last month, come and check out our new drummer in action. Michael Simpson ... one of Vancouver’s best drummers, is now playing with us regularly! We are having a blast together and man, you should hear his drum solos!!! Shake it baby shake it!

With this fantastic weather, I think it will be a great night to get down...down on de drive!

See you at the Libra!



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Special Event: Artful Sundays

Our first Artful Sunday July 27 will include: "Vancouver Cooperative Radio: Annual Books and Records Sale and Fundraiser", noon -5pm.

Ed.: Commercial Drive - Live! will also be on hand that day be on hand that day to say Hi! and give stuff away.

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Friday, July 04, 2008

Special Event: Rollergirl Flea Market

Sunday, July 6, 2008
10:00am - 4:00pm
Grandview Legion on the Drive!
2205 Commercial Drive Vancouver
Vancouver, BC


Our Junk is your treasure! Come all you scurvy sea dogs and scour our chests our for hidden booty at the Terminal City Rollergirls Garage sale fundraiser.
This is great family fun as there will Hot Dogs and pirate clowns available for the kids!

A bounty of riches including: clothes for men, women and children, toys and games, electronics, cd's, dvd's and other media, stuff for every hold on your vessel.
We've got nick knacks and patty wacks, we may have a dog bone or two.
All the booty that we could drag from Davey Jones locker...or just out from under roller girls beds.

Come out and see what you can find!
invite your friends to come out...spread the word.
Skate Fast, Turn Left, Hold Fast!

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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Mintage Back Alley Sale

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Special Event: Evelyn Roth & John Davis

Click on image for a larger view.

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

News: Violent Purse Snatching in East Vancouver

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) - Vancouver Police are investigating a violent purse snatching that happened early yesterday morning in East Vancouver.

A woman was walking alone near Grant and Cotton (near Commercial Drive and 1st Avenue), when a man grabbed her by the throat and threw her to the ground.

The victim was checked by paramedics but did not need a trip to the hospital. Her wallet was taken. The suspect is described as a white man in his 30's with long, wavy brown hair. He was wearing a dark shirt and shorts.

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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Hundreds flock to Commercial Drive for Euro Cup final

Cafe attracts 300 soccer fans, crammed in 'like sardines' to see Spain defeat Germany

Nicole Tomlinson, Vancouver Sun

Published: Monday, June 30, 2008

VANCOUVER I Alberto Carranza just couldn't watch the Euro 2008 final in Anchorage, Alaska.

"I had to share this moment with my baby brother Daniel," the Spaniard said.

So he cut his fishing vacation short and began a long, sleepless journey back to the Lower Mainland.

A Spanish soccer fan takes to the streets along Commercial Drive to celebrate after Spain defeated Germany in finals of the Euro Cup 2008.View Larger Image View Larger Image

A Spanish soccer fan takes to the streets along Commercial Drive to celebrate after Spain defeated Germany in finals of the Euro Cup 2008.

Richard Lam / Vancouver Sun

And after a 15-hour drive, a plane trip from Whitehorse to Vancouver and a car ride straight from the airport to Café Roma on Commercial Drive, Spain's 1-0 victory over Germany tasted even better than the beer.

Read the full story here>>

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